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Tonight has consisted of:

Tonight has consisted of:

  • Eating tacos
  • Drinking margaritas
  • Eating frozen yogurt…by myself, which is a tragedy
  • Listening to Shakira
  • Learning the Waka Waka dance…again by myself, another tragedy
  • Squats squats squats
  • Creating this nifty “fitness challenge” for July (more details – and a higher-res photo — to come tomorrow):

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 9.58.24 PM

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a bed calling my name, and I hate to make it wait.

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Date someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant
THE REALEST THING I HAVE EVER READ (via lilwombatprincess)

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I never get tired of snapping pics of this

How obnoxious is that? Scale from 1-10…

Bill and I talk about this with our kids at the dinner table. Bill worked incredibly hard and took risks and made sacrifices for success. But there is another essential ingredient of success, and that ingredient is luck – absolute and total luck.

When were you born? Who were your parents? Where did you grow up? None of us earned these things. They were given to us.

When we strip away our luck and privilege and consider where we’d be without them, it becomes easier to see someone who’s poor and sick and say “that could be me.” This is empathy; it tears down barriers and opens up new frontiers for optimism.

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Co-Workers and Weddings: To Invite or Not To Invite

Co-Workers and Weddings: To Invite or Not To Invite

Lately chatter at work has taken an interesting turn — everyone is chit-chatting about my wedding, the social event of the season! Okay, I’m kidding, it’s like two or three people who keep bringing it up — and it’s definitely not going to be the social event of the season — but they’ve created a Pinterest board just for me, and it’s really flattering and exciting.  

But also, it’s slightly…

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Hello! http://wp.me/s3gfe8-hello

I hate that I’m letting this blog fall to the wayside, but I’ve just been so so so busy lately. Unfortunately, not with anything fun, there’s just a lot going on at work — including ~drama~ that I’ve unfortunately been roped into. I think things should calm down a bit by Friday, and so I’ll hopefully be able to post something a little more thoughtful then.  There’s actually a topic I’ve been…

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If you look at the world and say “Yes, there are enough homes for people, yes, there is enough food for people, but if we give it away for free they won’t have earned it and the economy will collapse.” Then you have chosen money (a constructed medium of exchange) over living beings who only want to continue living in peace and safety.

And I have no qualms telling you, that is the wrong choice, and you have been brainwashed by this destructive, exploitative system.

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The best deodorant you will ever use

Seriously. 1/4 teaspoon in each pit and you can sweat your ass off, totally stink-free for like 2 full days. It’s a natural anti-bacterial so those little fuckers won’t multiply and make you smell. Plus it’s cheaper and healthier than any deod you can buy anywhere.

Use equal parts of the following:

-corn starch
-baking soda
-coconut oil
-cocoa butter

With a few drops of whatever essential oil you want, for fragrance. Otherwise it basically just smells like nothing. I use tea tree oil & pine needle oil. Cuz they’re MANLY.

Note - It pretty much turns to liquid if it’s warmer than about 75 degrees. If you want to keep it solid, you can refrigerate it or add a little more corn starch.

Reblogging myself again, cuz I still use this and it’s still awesome

This is what I’ve been using for about a year now and it works wonders.

Not convinced it works? My fiance is literally the smelliest human being I’ve ever met when he’s been sweating all day. I made him some with tea tree oil and he now smells nice and mint-ish as the end of the day, even if he’s been outside working.

Not to mention it’s cheaper, smells better, better for you AND better for the environment to make your own :D

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Realization: I’m really bad at math

Realization: I’m really bad at math

I mean, let’s be real, I’ve always known that was the case. But over the weekend it all came together for me re: weddings and invites and number of guests etc.  You see, dear reader, I’ve been thinking this entire time that we’re going to have 20-25 guests at our wedding, when in actuality, we’re staring 50 in the face.  How could I make such a mistake? Well, it wasn’t technically a mistake, I…

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Thoughts on Our Save the Dates

Recommendations for Save the Dates

Our save the dates arrived last week — way ahead of schedule — and we could not be happier with the results. If you’re in the market for any sort of wedding stationary, I’d highly highly HIGHLY recommend this site called Wedding Paper Divas. The site has a ton of options for save the dates, from your classic paper stationary to magnets and postcards with all sorts of designs, which are super easy…

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